Her er en liste over FOMP som akronym og en liten liste over hvilke betydninger FOMP kan ha.
FOMP First-Order Magnetization Process
FOMP Friends of Marymoor Park
FOMP Friends of Magnuson Park
FOMP Friends of Middleton Park (Middleton Park, Leeds, UK)
FOMP Foundations of Mathematical Physics (course)
FOMP fiber optic miniprobe
FOMP Fusobacterial Outer Membrane Porin
FOMP Friends of Muraviovka Park
FOMP Friends of Morses Pond
FOMP Friends of Mansfield Parks
FOMP Friends of Mount Pisgah
FOMP Friends of Mount Painter
FOMP Facility Operations Maintenance Plan (US Army)
FOMP Friends of Mount Parke
FOMP Friends of Massapequa Preserve
FOMP First of the Month Payments
FOMP Freak-O-Matic Productions
FOMP Fuel and Oil Metering Pump
FOMP formal orthogonal matrix polynomial
FOMP Field Office Management Plan
FOMP formycin 5′-monophosphate
FOMP Federation of Midnight People (band)
FOMP First-Order Markov Process (equation)
FOMP Friends of Medical Progress
FOMP Fundamentals of Modular Programming

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